Saturday, August 18, 2018

Kali Muscle: SUPER-PUMPED LEG WORKOUT (World Gym Oxnard)

Kali Muscle: Swelling up Legs At World Gym Oxnard California. My videographer filmed in slo-mo so I wasn't able to retrive audio, But You Guys Will still enjoy the video.

Linda Durbesson’s Personal Workout Regiment

We join Linda, the booty sculptor, Durbesson today at our old favorite Busy Body East in Boca Raton, FL. Take note, because Linda is a true pro when it comes...

Anita Herbert: Try this #bootybuilding superset

Try this #bootybuilding superset ?? 1. High knee step ups (4x12 each leg) ??‍♀️ 2. Barbell deadlift (4x15)??‍♀️ light weight. Focus on really squeezing the glutes ??Try it now and thank me...

Seth Feroce How-To: Front Raises

Blood Flow! That's what it's all about everyone! More blood flow equals more oxygen and nutrients being pushed into your muscles. With front raises I use a variety of angles,...

Doug Brignole Questionable Exercises In Bodybuilding

Some exercises work and others are a waste of time. Doug and Ric discuss which ones work for bodybuilding.

Seth Feroce How-To: Rear Delts

Seth Feroce explains hitting your rear delts! Hand placement, angles, and range of motion are super important to building nice round shoulders!

Dexter “The Blade” Jackson Behind The Scenes for Mr Olympia Europe

This is a re-upload of latest video for my international fans. Youtube disabled the other one in some countries but this one is good to go. As always, thanks...