The excellent athlete and experienced sports manager and administrator, Mr Tomás Bures became, today, in the new president of the Czech Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (Svaz Kulturistiky a Fitness Ceske Republiky; SKFCR), taking the torch from former president, Mr Vjaceslav Vinogradov, who was not running for the reelection, addressing his support for Mr. Bures.

The historic SKFCG has been the first Bodybuilding federation supported by its Government, in Europe; and under the leadership of presidents Martin Jebas and Vinogradov, it was reaching an excellent level of activity, participating in the main international events with remarkable sports results.

The IFBB convey its best wishes and support to new president Tomas Bures and the SKCFR.

Picture: Tomas Bures; new president of the Czech Bodybuilding Federation (SKCFR)