With more than 20 American and European countries represented, the 2018 Mr. & Miss América IFBB Cup spread 22 new Elite Pro Cards and valued points for the IFBB World Ranking, in the opening of the 2018 season.

With Live TV streaming, the first winners of the season enjoyed an unforgettable event celebrated in the magnificent “Palacio de los Deportes”, at Colombia´s capital city: Bogotá. Besides the awards and the points for the ranking, the event distributed 21.000 $ in cash prizes for top athletes, with one special prize for the Bodybuilding overall champion (unique trophy award and flight tickets to coming next 2018 Arnold Classic Brazil).

Full results can be checked at this link

Main winners:

Bodybuilding: Brayan Narváez (Colombia)
Bodybuilding (Junior): Daniel Caicedo (Colombia)
Bodybuilding (Master): Paul Jose Bracho (Venezuela)

Games Classic Bodybuilding: Erick Armando Sánchez (Guatemala)

Classic Bodybuilding: Erick Armando Sánchez (Guatemala)
Classic Bodybuilding (Junior): Erick Armando Sánchez (Guatemala)
Classic Bodybuilding (Master): Hector Alfredo Donis (Guatemala)

Men´s Physique: Javier Copete (Colombia)
Muscular Men´s Physique: Briger Cabezas (Colombia)
Men´s Physique (Junior): Carlos Pou (Dominican Rep.)
Men´s Physique (Master): Roman Morera (Costa Rica)

Bodyfitness: Patricia Correa (Colombia)
Bodyfitness (Master): Patricia Correa (Colombia)

Wellness: Madeleyne Ramirez (Colombia)
Wellness (Junior): Elba Viola (Dominican Rep.)
Wellness (Master): Daniela Aguila (Mexico)

Bikini: Diany Terrero (Dominican Rep.)
Bikini (Junior): Diana Marcela Roldán (Colombia)
Bikini (Master): Yesenia Orozco (Italia)

Women’s Physique: Liz Mio (Paraguay)