Fantastic Bodybuilding and Fitness event, during the 18th Bolivarian Games celebrated 22nd and 23rd November,in Santa Marta, Colombia.

The main winners were, as follows:

Games Classic Bodybuilding (short): Hector D. Samaya (Guatemala)
Games Classic Bodybuilding (tall): William Y. Rodriguez (El Salvador)
Bikini (Short): Aminta J. López (El Salvador)
Bikini (Middle): Merli García (Ecuador)
Bikini (Tall): Rafaela M. Cornejo (Ecuador)
Women´s Fitness: Paola Rodríguez (Venezuela)
Men´s Fitness: Dario A. Molina (Ecuador)
Men´s Physique: Roger A. Chamul (El Salvador)

Official results can be downloaded in this link:

Picture, Mr. Gerardo Aguirre, President of the Guatemala Olympic Committee, being awarded with the IFBB Distinguished Service Award by President Santonja, at the Bodybuilding & Fitness competition.