The recent suspension of the NPC, as IFBB representative body in USA, has been not a significative problem to North American Bodybuilding to be fully represented in the recent 2017 World Bodybuilding Championships and IFBB Annual Congress, held in Benidorm (Spain).

Joining the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation (CBBF), chaired by Mrs. Georgina Dunnington, and the Mexican Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (FMFF) chaired by Mr. Francisco Cabezas; USA was represented by Mr. Wayne DeMilia, head person leading Bodybuilding in USA, under IFBB guidelines.

Canada, USA and Mexico; the three countries included in North America -where IFBB it´s recognized by the Olympic Authority PASO– will be key places for the 2018 IFBB season and are already scheduling the evolution of the sport, in a coordinated manner, under the leadership of Mr. Marco Cabezas, IFBB Vice-president for the area.

Picture: Mr. Marco Cabezas (Mexico), IFBB Vice-president for North America; with Mr. Wayne DeMilia (USA) and distinguished IFBB official and former Pro Athlete, Mr. Joe Spinello (Canada); in the 2017 IFBB Annual Congress celebrated in Benidorm (Spain).