In a close battle for title with fantastic young irish Blessing Awodibu; the Finnish star Mika Sihvonen won the IFBB World Ranking Elite and made history, winning the first edition of this Circuit that has raised the amateur Bodybuilding to a new level, beside the main check valued in 15.000 euros.

Mika Sihvonen, who has been undefeated in Finland since his second competition and one of the most awarded athletes in Europe, won several titles during the year (as the Diamond Cup Portugal and Ben Weider Legacy Cup Lahti), reaching a total of 28 points. With his barely 80 kg, his main challenger has been the huge Blessing Awodibu (106 kg) who took in his hand to be the winner but, placing 2nd. in the World Championships, only reached 12 points; scoring a total of 26 points, not enough to defeat Sihvonen.

For 2018, both competitors could offer a new great battle, either in the World Ranking or in the Elite Pro Circuit as, for the moment, no one of them confirmed where they will continue with his sport careers.


1) Mika Sihvonen (Finland) 28 points 15.000 €
2) Blessing Awodibu (Ireland) 26 points 9.000 €
3) Dorj Gansukh (Mongolia) 23 points 5.000 €
4) Mahdi Heydari (Iran) 21 points 4.000 €
5) Mohsen Samadi (Iran) 21 points 3.000 €
6) Volodymyr Byruk (Ukraine) 21 points 2.500 €
7) Ben Abdellah A. (Algeria) 21 points 2.000 €
8) Zoheir Mihoubi (Algeria) 21 points 1.500 €
9) Usman Bathily (Spain) 18 points 1.000 €
10) Reza Rezaei (Iran) 18 points 750 €

Picture: Blessing Awodibu (2nd. place) and Mika Sihvonen (winner); main stars at the 2017 Bodybuilding World Ranking Gala.