After suspension of former IFBB Vice-president for North America -Mr. Jim Manion-; the IFBB Executive committers has appointed as acting new Vice-presesident for the area to Mr. Marco Cabezas (México).

Mr. Cabezas is a young official with excellent experience in our sport and, as well, in Olympism, due to his previous involvements in Government and Olympic activities in Mexico.

The IFBB Executive Committee too the decision in the security that Mr. Cabezas will perform an excellent role in the development of this position, promoting sport and assisting the incorporation of the area, to the IFBB activities, in line and in appropriated level with Pan American Sport Organization (PASO), in America.

Picture: IFBB President, Dr. Rafael Santonja with new IFBB-Vicepresident for North America, Mr. Marco Cabezas.