By majority decision (20 points), the ripped and proportioned Egyptian Mohammed Magdy Mohammad started his authority in Classic Bodybuilding, at the recent Olympia Amateur India held in Mumbai, 13rd to 16th October. Magdy took the Gold medal, in the Tall Class (+180 cm), defeating Iranians Amirhosein Masoumi (Silver medal) and Rasoul Vaziri (Bronze medal).

Qualified for the Super Final, Madgy meet again new Iranian rivals as Behzad Aghbolagh (4th place) and, specially, the aesthetic Javad Soltani (2nd. place) with whom had a great battle for the title, solved by 7 points to 12 points.

With his overall victory, Magdy earned the Pro Elite Card that as well could be applied by Soltani and Lebanese Pascal Hammoud (3rd. place).

Picture: Mohammed Magdy, overall winner in Classic Bodybuilding and Tall Class.