With a perfect score of 5 points, the aesthetic and proportioned Iranian athlete Keyvan Shahgholi won the Men´s Physique overall title, at the recent Olympia Amateur India celebrated last weekend 14th-15th October, in Mumbai.

Shahgholi won the Gold Medal in the Middle Class (-174 cm), as well with perfect scores from judges (5 points), defeating Egyptian Karim Esmat Sadeq (silver medal) and Indian Pakaj Gajwani (bronze medal). He was the only winner with perfect scores and, as a favorite for the Super Final, Shahgholi became in the main star in Men´s Physique, winning the overall title, again with perfect scores, defeating the other 3 champions: Sepehr Hajighorbani (Iran; -170 cm), Seyedmostafa Seyedjajini (Bahrain; -178 cm), and Suraj Prakash (India; +178 cm).

Picture: Keyvan Shahgholi (Iran), overall winner in Men´s Physique, showing his Pro Elite Card, surrounded by President Santonja and Mr. Sanjay More (AFBF General Secretary).