The recent Olympia Amateur Mumbai will be remembered as one of most challenging competitions, in the 2017 IFBB season. Over 300 IFBB athletes from Asian National Federations (AFBF) meets in Mumbai to fight for the Pro Elite status and testing its capacity, before the next coming World Championships.

Bodybuilding was the main discipline and Iranian athletes took most of the titles with winners as Mehdi Mostafaloo (-85 kg), Saeid Karjalian (-90 kg) and Hamid Lakzaei (-100 kg). Nevertheless, the complete Sayed Alhashmi (United Arabian Emirates) became in the main star of the event, taking the victory in the Super Final, defeating his Iranian challengers.

Alhashmi won the Gold Medal in the Super Heavyweight category (+100 kg), defeating Iranian Abbas Davarimehr by only 1 point (33 to 34 points). It was a very short distance for the title but even smaller was in the Super Final, where the athlete from Arabian Emirates took the title with the same 14 points than Iranian Saeid Karjalian: an amazing draw, solved by statistical criteria, but enough to bring Alhashmi the title and the glory.

It was, probably, the event solved by the smallest difference ever: the third place in the overall (valued, as well, to apply for the IFBB Pro Elite card) registered another draw between Hamid Lakzaei (Irán) and M. Robi (India), both of them with… 15 points! Only 1 point more than Alhashmi and Karjalian. This mean than, all of them were, chose as overall winner by at least one judge!

Picture: Sayed Alhashmi (UAE), overall winner in Mumbai, showing his Pro Elite Card.