Competitors, coaches, officials and supporters from Asian IFBB-affiliated National Federation are this weekend in Mumbai, ready to attend another great international event in India, organized by Indian Bodybuilding Federation.

IFBB President, Dr. Santonja arrived to yesterday to Mumbai, accompanied by Mr. Pawel Filleborn -Chairman of IFBB Judges Committee- and Mr. Omid Jebeli -Assistant to the Judges Committee- after being in Teheran (Irán), supervising the Persian Gulf IFBB Diamond Cup. In the airport, the IFBB executives were welcomed by Mr. Sanjay More- General Secretary of Asian Federation (AFBF) and Indian Bodybuilding Federation- and some other national officials.

Picture: Mr. Sanjay More -General Secretary of Asian Federation (AFBF) and one of the most efficient IFBB officials- welcoming Presidente Santonja and Executives, in Mumbai Airport