Bodybuilding it´s about muscles but not only about size and this was proved, one more time, with the amazing victory reached by ripped, symmetric and aesthetic Mika Sihvonen (Finland), over one of the Bodybuilding stars, in 2017: the young Blessing Awodibu (Ireland), more than 25 kg. heavier and undefeated this season, until the Super Final at the Ben Weider Legacy Cup.

Sivhonen won easily his category (Middle Weigh; -80 kg) with a perfect score in every round, showing an amazing body, full of muscular details. Qualified for the Super Final, he meets there others 3 fantastic winners: Piotr Borecki (Poland), one of the most aesthetic athletes who won the Light Heavy Weight (-90 kg), as well with a perfect score (5 points); team mate Antti Halmo (Finland) who progressed during the competition until reaching the Gold Medal in the Heavy Weight (-100 kg) and the massive Blessing Awodibu who this year took already overall titles in Slovakia, Portugal and Spain after winning in the Super Heavy Weight category (+100 kg.)

After a double session of mandatory poses and an amazing posedown for the audience, the judges chosen the lighter winner, Mikha Sihvonen as the overall winner, defeating Awodibu by 3 points of difference (6 to 9 points) as well Halmo (15 points) and Borecki (20 points). A cheering audience celebrated the decision, not only because the nationality of the winner but as well because the victory, one more time, about quality over size.