Finland loves Bodybuilding and Fitness but offers other excellent conditions for guaranteeing the success of an event. Not only great facilities and structures but, as well, a dynamic National Federation leaded by Mr. Ville Isola, Mrs. Aino-Maja Laurila and the experience of Mr. K.P. Ourama, the organizer and promoter of Nordic Fitness Expo (NFE).

Based on an strong and organized team, the 2nd. Ben Weider Legacy Cup celebrated in Lahti, 6th to 8th October, was a fantastic event with competitors from all the Nordic countries, beside several more from the South, Central a Eastern Europe.   It was, beside this, an historic weekend for IFBB, as the NFE held the first ever IFBB Pro Elite event, with two shows (Men´s Physique and Bikini) and 12.000 € in prize money for the Top 6 competitors.

It was another reasons to congratulate Mr. K.P. Ourama and the Finnish Bodybuilding & Fitness: the event was broadcasted by a national TV channel and, worldwide, as well, through video streaming from IFBB website: a huge audience that will make even more popular our sports, in Finland. Onneksi olkoon!

Picture: BWLC & NFE organizer, Mr. K.P. Ourama, celebrating the successful 2017 edition, joined by IFBB President, Dr. Rafael Santonja and Gral. Secretary, Mr. William Tierney, in Lahti.