Portuguese athlete Fabio Rodriguez took back the leadership in the Muscular & Men´s Elite Physique Ranking, after the Arnold Classic Europe celebrated, recent September 22ht to 24th.

The complete Portuguese athlete reached 3 valued points, after his 4th place in Muscular Men´s Physique category (-175 cm), and exceeded the Colombian athlete Briger Rentería who leaded the ranking, after the 2017 South American Championships.

After the results from ACE 2017, the Elite Ranking in Men´s Physique remains, as follows:

1st. place:  Fabio Rodrigues (Portugal; 15 points)

2nd. place: Briger Rentería (Colombia; 14 points),

Dmytro Horobets (Ukraine, 14 points)

Kamran Sherko (Finland; 14 points)

5th place:  Eduardo Luán de Jesús (Brazil; 13 points)

Yohanin Piñango (Venezuela; 13 points)

7th place: Rasto Valent (UK; 12 points)

8th place: Andrea Bertelloni (Italy; 11 points)

Gonçalo Pereira (Portugal; 11 points)

Hector Marinho (Portugal; 11 points)

Piotr Zielinski (Poland; 11 points)

Full results: https://www.ifbb.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/MENS-PHYSIQUE._.pdf

Picture: Fabio Rodriguez (Portugal) is, again, the leader in Muscular & Men´s Physique ranking, as he was in summer.