Between 8th to 10th of September 2017, Romania hosted a great Bodybuilding & Fitness: the 2017 IFBB Tiger Classic. 

Almost 200 athletes from 16 European countries meet in Bucharest -the capital city- to participate in this event organized under the aegis of IFBB and FRCF (Romanian Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation chaired by Mr. Gabriel S. Toncean).

The main champions were, as follows:

Men´s Physique (Junior): Dreyer J. NIkolaisen (Norway)

Men´s Physique (overall): Daniel Anghelache (Romania)

Muscular Men´s Physique: Daniel Girtan (Romania)

Classic Bodybuilding (Overall): Marius Ionut Dragomir (Romania)

Classic Bodybuilding (Master): Andrei Nil Gesz (Romania)

Bodybuilding (Master): Stefan Chiritian (Romania)

Bodybuilding (Junior): Attila Gerald (Hungary)

Bodybuilding (Mixed Pairs): Marius Dragomir & Alina Ionut (Romania)

Bodybuilding (Overall): Cristian Cirstea Dan (Romania)

Bikini Overall: Karina Gavrikova (Hungary)

Bodyfitness (Overall): Alina Pavel (Romania)

For Romanian athletes and supporters, the “Tiger Classic” is more than a competition: is the place where friendships are created, an -most important thing- due to the great number of participants registered at the competition, the people who is not very familiar with our sports is starting to see the beauty of it.

The competition has gathered, during the whole event, about 5.000 people willing to see the show offered by the athletes, but also willing to meet some of the most popular international icons of the sport, as former Bodybuilding legend Dorian Yates, who was supporting the event.

The main organizer of the Grand Prix Tiger Classic, Mr. Mihai Tigora, declared:

“I’m glad we could bring such great names for the Romanian fans of Bodybuilding and Fitness and we are proud to be part of the great family of IFBB. I´m sure that we’ll be able to develop lots of interesting projects together. I really hope that, through Tiger Classic, we will increase the number of Romanian athletes and -why not?- many more to adopt a healthy lifestyle.”

Romania will be the capital city of Master and Junior Bodybuilding & Fitness, next 10th to 13th November 2017, when city of Bistrita will host the 2017 IFBB World Junior & Masters Championships. The competition will be supported by the County Council of Bistrita-Nasaud and the City Hall of Bistrita.

Picture: FRCF president, Mr. Gabriel Toncean and promoter Mr. Mihai Tigora, with Top 3 Men´s Physique Tall Class.