The absence of competitions in Europe, during August, has been a great opportunity for the IFBB Technical Committee chaired by Mr. Pawel Filleborn, to celebrate several Seminars, in the continent, with the goal to explain in detail, the new trends and the applicable rules for the different IFBB disciplines (Fitness, Bikini, Bodyfitness, Wellness, Men’s & Women´s Physique, Bodybuilding and Classic Bodybuilding).

Recent Saturday 12th, organized by the Finnish Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation leaded by Mr. K.P. Ourama, in Lahti; over 60 national and international athletes, judges, coaches and officials attended one of this Seminars, in order to be updated for the important competitive activity that will starts, in September, in the Old Continent.

It was a really successful Seminar in a city that lives closely Bodybuilding and Fitness: next October 6th to 9th, Lahti will host the 2nd. Ben Weider Legacy Cup at the Nordic Fitness Expo (NFE) -the largest Bodybuilding & Fitness competition, in the Northern Europe-. Athletes, coaches and judges are updated and ready for this..!!

Picture: Finnish president, Mr. K.P. Ourama and Mr. Pawel Filleborn, surrounded by the athletes, coaches and judges who attended this Technical Seminar, in Lahti.