Ben Weider Legacy Cup (BWLCL) will be held again in Lahti (Finland), at Nordic Fitness Expo (NFE) on 6th-9th October 2017. This competition is for only European countries. Ben Weider Legacy Cup will be part of IFBB World Elite Qualification series and it’s the last time in Europe to earn valuable points before the World Championships. Beside, overall winners in Bodybuilding, Classic bodybuilding, Men’s physique, Bikini fitness and Bodyfitness will be eligible to reach the IFBB Pro Card.

The NFE is the largest Bodybuilding and Fitness competition in Northern Europe with over 600 competitors. The trade show will be consisting three large expo halls and there will be three stages of which two is for competitions. In 2016,  NFE had over 20.000 visitors and more is expected to this year!

The atmosphere, in the whole city, is like being one big family since all the hotels are full of bodybuilders, fitness competitors, supporters and fans. The Expo site is only 1 Km away from the City Centre and shuttle bus is constantly running between city and Expo.

NFE has created very good reputation of having all things in time and working well for the competitors, as well as the audience. BWLCL is being held in the middle of Trade Show and it’s going to wild as the competitors step onstage!

Categories included in BWLCL:

Bodybuilding: -80 kg, -90 kg, -100 kg, +100 kg
Bikini Fitness: –160 cm, -164 cm, -169 cm, -172 cm, + 172 cm
Bodyfitness: -163 cm, -168 cm, +168 cm
Men’s Physique -173 cm, -179 cm, +179 cm
Classic Bodybuilding: -180 cm, +180 cm
Masters Bikini Fitness & Masters Bodyfitness (no pro qualifier): Open class.     
(if more than 20 competitors: divided to two height classes up to 163 cm and over 163 cm)

Important note: If less than 6 athletes in a category, categories will be combined, wherever possible.

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