Structured under the Cook Islands Bodybuilding Federation (CIBBF) -supported by Cook Islands Sports & National Olympic Committee- and with the remarkable job of dedicated officials as Joe Daniel, the sport is growing in the country and will be represented in the next 2017 World Bodybuilding Championships and IFBB Annual Congress.

Joe Daniel is a dedicated IFBB official who is working in close cooperation with Mr. Paul Graham -IFBB Vice President- and his wife Carole. This close friendship boosted Graham´s to donate some Bodybuilding equipment to Cook Islands, in order to help support the growth of competitors from there, to the IFBB internacional events.

The growing presence of Oceania countries in IFBB events shows the consolidation of Bodybuilding and Fitness in this vast region of the planet. ¡Ngå mihi!

Picture: New Bodybuilding equipment donated by Paul and Carole Graham, to Cook Islands, in order to contribute to boost the sport in the country.