Important changes in the 2017 Elite Ranking after the 43rd. South American Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships, held in Buenos Aires (Argentina), recent 7th to 11th September.

With more athletes qualified into the ranking, the main changes related with South American athletes are, as follows:


Theiler Linares (Perú) is the new leader, with 16 points, advancing to Andrea Muzi (Italy) who now is tied in the 2nd. place with Hugo Marquez (Colombia) and Jean Carlos Alfaro (Perú); beside Marcos Pereira (Portugal). All of them have 14 points.

Colombia is the country with more athletes in the Top 10, thanks to Carlos Rivera (6th. place; 12 points), Enore Montano and Fanor Trujillo (both, in 7th. place; 10 points).

Other South American athletes, in the Top 10 are David Gonzales (Perú), Diego Da Silva (Brazil), Gustavo Vaucher (Brazil), Lionardis Cardozo (Chile), Matias Porta (Argentina), Robert Patricio Palacios (Ecuador), Rodrigo Cortez (Argentina) and Wilmar Omar Linares (Perú); all of them tied with 9 points.


Angelo Ronquillo (Ecuador) is the new co-leader, with 16 points, tied with Aristide Mbomni (Germany). Sergio de Juan (Spain) remain in the podium (3rd. place; 14 points) but José Osorio (Colombia) jumped to 4th place, with 13 points, advancing Gabriel Muñoz (Aruba; 10 points) who now is tied with Mauricio Riascos (Colombia), in the 5th. place.

The new South American athletes in the Top 10 are Luis Fernando Da Silva (Brazil), Pablo Aruch (Argentina), Rafael Da Silva (Brazil) and Thiago Aguiar (Brazil); all of them with 9 points, tied in the 7th. place.


Briger Rentería (Colombia) is the new leader, with 14th points, advancing to Fabio Rodrigues (Portugal). Near both of them, Jean Pierre Guerrero (Venezuela) and Julio César Medina (Ecuador) jumped to 5th place, tied with 10 points.

The new South American athletes in the Top 10 are Antony Barreto (Uruguay), Ariel Figuredo (Paraguay), Aristóteles U. Silva (Brazil), Carlos A. Tapia (Ecuador), Eduardo F. Ramírez (Ecuador), Felipe Bermúdez (Chile) and Pablo Alves (Brazil); all of them in the 7th. place, tied with 9 points.


European athletes Natalia Lugovskikh (Russia) and Oksana Brygidyr (Ukraine) remain as leaders, with 16 points, but Carla Benegas (Bolivia) and Lilian Lopez (Paraguay) jump to 3rd. place, tied with Lyudmila Nasonova (Ukraine), with 14 points.

Beside, Morella Potolicchio (Venezuela) and Mónica Sánchez (Aruba) reach the Top 10.


Wendy Granados (Venezuela) remain as leader with 14 points and Nora Martínez (Paraguay) jump to 2nd. place with 13 points.

Eliana Romano and Lorena Liciani (Argentina), and Marisol Ríos (Brazil) reach the 7th. place, with 9 points.

Full Elite Ranking updated can be checked here:

The next IFBB Elite Qualifier event will the Arnold Classic Europe (Barcelona; Spain), next 22nd. to 24th September, open to athletes worldwide.