Barely 3 weeks before the celebration of the 6th Elite Ranking Qualifier event –the 43rd South American Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships to be held in Buenos Aires (Argentina)-; IFBB has updated again its world ranking, removing the athletes who leaved the competition.

After the Ben Weider Legacy Cup Aruba celebrated last 5th August, some important movements appeared in several rankings, as in Bodyfitness, where Venezuelan athlete Wendy Granados reached the leadership. Now, with the last movements, it appeared another important take over in the top: Portuguese athlete Fabio Rodrigues became the new leader, in Muscular & Men´s Physique ranking, with his 12 points.

New updated rankings can be checked here:

Picture: Fabio Rodrigues (Portugal), new leader in Muscular & Men´s Physique Elite Ranking (15th August).