The 2017 IFBB Elite Ranking became in the real challenge for athletes worldwide, this season. To qualify into the ranking guarantee the athletes to have their personal Elite Cards, as a signal of its elite level, and most of them have been already delivered by their respective National Federations.

As a good example, the always efficient Danish Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (DBFF) chaired by Mr. Jørn Kim Jensen, delivered their 4 Elite cards to their most representative international athletes: Laura Antoft Brorson, Mette Kragelund and Simone Duus (Bodyfitness) and Kristoffer Nimb (Classic Bodybuilding). DBFF president, Mr. Jørn Kim Jensen and Head Judge, Mr. Palle West, were the responsible to deliver the Elite Card, with an small present to all of them.

DBFF is, as well, working actively in updating the statistic management in its national competitions and, since next National Championships, federation will be using the IFBB official program which is used in all the IFBB international events.

Picture: DBFF president, Mr. Jørn Kim Jensen delivering IFBB Elite Cards to international danish athletes Laura Antoft Brorson (left) and Mette Kragelund (right); with an elegant bouquet of flowers.