If you have a modern gym membership, we’re going to assume you have access to the latest and greatest exercise gear. We won’t push you to buy a personal ViPR, battle rope, Bodyblade, or vibration plate. But we will recommend a few essential basics to pack for the gym, or to help augment your workouts and recovery while at home or on the road.


  1. A BlenderBottle® shaker cup. Sure, it’s shameless self-promotion—but with good reason. BlenderBottle® brand shaker cups are the original, best-selling protein shakers. Our BlenderBall® wire whisk mixes even the thickest ingredients into silky smooth shakes, rewarding you for all your hard work getting pumped. Want to further impress your foodie fitness friends? Add a GoStak® filled with yummy pre- and post-workout munchies alongside your favorite shaker to max out your calorie and protein intake.
  2. Trendy tech apparel. We don’t want to sit in a pool of your sweat, nor do we want to whiff your gym stank because your workout clothes don’t breathe. But enough about us. You’ll be far more comfortable cranking up the reps in technical clothing that’s designed to wick away perspiration and its accompanying odor. Be sure to shop for gear that ticks both the fashion and function boxes—there’s truth to the “look good, feel good mantra,” so even if you have an off day workout-wise, you’ll still feel stylish and on-trend.
  3. A great gear bag. Invest in a quality gym bag to carry everything you need for your fitness fix. Make sure it includes a waterproof compartment or spare wet sack for your dirty duds and sweat-soaked shoes. Internal pockets should have ample space to hold dry clothes, toiletries, valuables, and snacks. Bonus: Your BlenderBottle® shaker has a screw-on top and locking lid to keep your gym bag protein shake and powder free.
  4. Knee-high compression socks. If your legs are screaming after a tough day of lifting, or a hard run, ride, or hike, you’ll love the snug, squeezy comfort of compression socks. With roots in the medical world, compression socks stimulate blood flow and reduce lactic acid build up in the legs, speeding recovery. And if you can’t afford pump-activated recovery compression boots (because those can cost upwards of $1,000), compression socks are an affordable and easily packable post-workout alternative.
  5. A full-length foam roller. Sure, your gym has a heap of foam rollers. But once you’ve developed an addiction to rolling, you’ll jones to have your own at home. Rolling preps your muscles for workouts and aids in recovery by increasing circulation, lengthening muscle fibers, and releasing trigger points. Plus, this self-massager gives you a perfect excuse to chill out in front of Sunday afternoon football, rolling your stress away.


What did we miss? What essential tools are on your must-have list? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo by: ThoroughlyReviewed