Fantastic bodybuilder Jameil Hamilton (Bahamas) took the overall victory at the recent Ben Weider Legacy Cup celebrated in Aruba, yesterday August 5th. With his solid 106 kg. Hamilton won the Super Heavyweight category, defeating athletes from Curaçao, Jamaica, Antigua, Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago and Portugal. Qualified for the Super Final, Hamilton won the overall title, in a very close decision, beating Aruban champion Andres Schotten (Heavyweight) by 1 point, in the scores (8 to 9 points, respectively).

The Ben Weider Legacy Cup Aruba (BWLCA) was organized, in a fantastic manner, by the Aruba Bodybuilding & Powerlifting Association (ABPA), chaired by Mr. Giovanni Arendsz; and got the presence of athletes from 20 different countries. The event resumed the IFBB Elite Ranking, with new points for the Top 5 qualified athletes in every category.

The other overall winners, at the 2017 BWLCA, were as follows:

▪ Classic Bodybuilding: José Osorio (Colombia)
▪ Men´s Physique: Hafid James (Grenada)
▪ Muscular Men´s Ph.: Deyvis Garcés (Venezuela)
▪ Bikini: Mónica Sánchez (Aruba)
▪ Bodyfitness: Wendy Granados (Venezuela)
▪ Women´s Physique: Michelle Portier (Aruba)
▪ Wellness: Deydania Rodríguez (Curaçao)

Complete results can be dowloaded in:

Picture: Jameil Hamilton (Bahamas) and Mónica Sánchez (Aruba), overall winners in Bodybuilding and Bikini, at the 2017 Ben Weider Legacy Cup Aruba.