The most populous island in America –Hispaniola-, hosted a great Bodybuilding event, recent July 23rd, between athletes from its two sovereign nations: Haiti and Dominican Republic

The 1st. “HBC Bodybuilding Classic”, open to amateur athletes from both countries, was an amazing experience that boosted the spirit of collaboration between the Dominican Bodybuilding Federation – chaired by Mr. Tony Peña– and the Weightlifting and Bodybuilding Federation of Haiti -chaired by Mr. Fritz Gerald Fong-. The event, celebrated in Port-au-Prince (Haití), was organized by both National Federations and a local Haitian bodybuilding group leaded by Ms. Béatrice Césletin; and was designed over the idea to generate support for Bodybuilding and make it more accessible, for the population.

The main trophy (Overall Bodybuilding) went to 30-year-old Haitian athlete Laventure Spely, who won five competitions in the past year and declared to have not a coach and studied YouTube videos and followed other bodybuilders, on Instagram, to learn about the training and imitate workouts.

The other champions were, as follows:

Welter Bodybuilding: Claudy Pierre (Haiti)

Middle: Patricl Coicou (Haiti)

Light Heavy: Laventure Spely (Haiti)

Heavy: José Solano (Dominican Rep.)

Men´s Physique: Edson Miles Hayden

Bikini: Dalia Mondechay

This Tournament shows the great cooperation between the Dominican BodyBuilding Federation and Bodybuilding Federation of Haiti. After the great success of the HBC Bodybuilding Classic, both national federations and executives are planning more common activities, in the island, in the near future.


1) Haitian bodybuilder Spely Laventure, congratulated by Dominican bodybuilder Emmanuel Hidalgo, who placed 4th in the Heavy weight category.

2) Mr. Gerald Fong  and Mr. Tony Peña with the overall winner in Bodybuilding, Laventure Spely.

3) Ms. Béatrice Césletin, organizer of HBC, with Mr. Tony Peña; awarding Dalia Mondechay (Bikini overall winner).