Chinese Bodybuilding Association (CBBA), leaded by president Zhang Haifeng, is doing, in this decade, an important effort to raise the technical level of athletes and coaches, and results in the last international competitions, proofs the success of their strategy. CBBA annually holds over 100 Fitness Coach Courses, providing adequate preparation for lFBB international athletes and coaches.

Just as an example, recent July 15th – 16th, the city of Chengdu hosted a multitudinous “Advanced Course for Fitness Trainers”, with very specific information on Nutrition and Training, presented by former World Fitness Champion and IFBB official, Mrs. Natalia Nazarenko. The CBBA General Secretary, Mr. Gu Quiao; supervised this event, in which hundred of athletes and coaches improved their skills about strategies for competition and training protocols.

CBBA is composed by Bodybuilding & Fitness Associations in provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities, directly under the Central Government, and is the only legal organization recognized by the Chinese Olympic Committee to represent China in AFBF and IFBB sport events.

On November 1985, China officially became the 128th member of IFBB. On September 1992, CBBA was established and headquartered in Beijing. The supreme authority is the National Members’ Representative Convention. The CBBA Executive Board is composed of the Chairman, Vice-chairmen and General Secretary. CBBA, annually, holds more than 20 national events, including the National Championship, where the best athletes are selected to represent the country in participate in lFBB and AFBF events, beside the Hong Kong Olympia Amateur Tournament.

Picture: CBBA General Secretary, Mr. Gu Qiao; and IFBB Oficial Mrs. Natalia Nazarenko; leading the last “Advanced Course for Fitness Trainers“, held in Chengdu, followed by hundred of Chinese students.