Leaded by its president, Mr. Fernando Loreiro; the Argentina Federation of Bodybuilding (FAM) had an intense activity during the recent month of July that will continue for the next coming weeks.

National competitions didn’t stop with up to 3 events and August will be even more dynamic with 4 events, including the most important: the 2017 Argentina National Championshipsscheduled for 18th to 29th, in Buenos Aires– which will be a qualifying event, for national athletes, facing the 43rd. CSFF/IFBB South American Championships (Buenos Aires; September 7th to 11th).

Beside this intense activity in competition, FAM is developing an ambitious educational program in Fitness and Bodybuilding. As well in July, president Loreiro organized the 1st. IFBB Personal Trainer International Course, where dozens of athletes, coaches and fitness professionals received their respective diplomas of recognition. All of them became in an important part of the progression and evolution of Fitness & Bodybuilding, in Argentina. Congratulations!

Picture: The first promotion of awarded students, after the IFBB Personal Trainer International Course celebrated in Argentina.