Recent weekend July 8th to 9th, an important number of athletes and future coaches from United Arab Emirates attended, in Dubai, a very specific Seminar about Fitness and Bodybuilding, presented by Prof. Mauricio de Arruda, chairman of the IFBB Technical Committee.

The Seminar, focused in key areas for Fitness performance as Cardiovascular System, Energy Metabolism and some methods of Cardiovascular Training with emphasis on the Hight Intensity Interval Training (HIIT); included some information about biomechanics and physiology exercises.

In the last years, United Arab Emirates became in a very active country, not only in the organization of Bodybuilding events, but also in the technical education of athletes and coaches. The opening of this Seminar, was attended by the Secretary General of the Federation of Arab Emirates (EBBF) and a representative of the Ministry of Sports, in UAE.

Picture: Profesor Mauricio de Arruda, surrounded by Executives from EBBF and the athletes and coaches who attended the Seminar, in Dubai.