The Kingdom of Tonga -a Polynesian sovereign state and archipelago with barely over 100.000 habitants-, became, in 2016, the 193 th. country integrated into the IFBB structure.

The president of the Tonga Bodybuilding Federation (TBBF), Mr. Nau Talaiasi; attended the 2016 IFBB World Annual Congress, joined by IFBB Vice-president, Mr. Paul Graham; and under his patronage, Bodybuilding keeps growing in the country, supported for hundred of fans and athletes.

Recently, the TBBF received a full Bodybuilding equipment, in Tonga, donated by Mr. Paul Graham with the goal to help TBBF, reaching the resources they could then use to send Tongan athletes, to international IFBB events. This generous initiative has been a success and TBBF is looking forward to send its first national team to the next South Pacific Championships that will be held, next Sunday October 29th, in Sydney (Australia).

Picture: Mr. Talaiasi Nau (center), awarded by IFBB in the 2016 Annual Congress; surrounded by Vice-president Paul Graham and President Dr. Santonja.