Over 500 international athletes from Bodybuilding, Classic Bodybuilding, Men´s Physique, Bikini Fitness and Bodyfyfitess are ranked, at the beginning of July, in the 2017 Elite Ranking with scores from 2 to 16 points, according their respective places in the first 4 qualifier events celebrated.

The 2017 Elite Ranking offers the next scoring criteria, depending the category of the event, as follows:

1) World Championships:

1st. place:   14 points
2nd. place: 12 points
3rd. place:   9 points
4th. place:   8 points
5th. place: 7 points
6th. place:   6 points
7th. place: 5 points
8th. place:   4 points
9th. place:   3 points
10th place: 2 points

2) Continental Championships:

1st. place:   9 points
2nd. place: 7 points
3rd. place:   6 points
4th. place:   5 points
5th. place: 4 points
6th. place: 3 points

3) Other Invitational Qualifier Events:

1st. place:   7 points
2nd. place: 5 points
3rd. place:   4 points
4th. place:   3 points
5th. place: 2 points

As previously announced, the 2017 IFBB Elite Ranking will share 200.000 € in cash prizes, at the end of the season, with the Top 10 athletes of this five disciplines. In order to break the possible draws in the ranking, IFBB is studying some criteria that will be announced coming soon.