Leaded by its president, Mr. Adolfo Martínez; Venezuelan Bodybuilding Federation (FVFC) keeps bringing very positive news to Sport community, proving how important is Bodybuilding and Fitness, in the country.

May and June have been very active months, with competition and educational events and July will be, as well, a period with important activity. Last May Friday 22nd; over 130 judges attended a meeting organized by the FVFC. In that weekend, 23rd and 24th, a number of 350 non experienced athletes participated in the Beginners National Championships.

Moving to June, over 320 athletes took part in the Absolute National Championships, including 60 children, into the Fitness discipline. The event, celebrated in Caracas -the capital city- registered an important number of supporters, into the audience.

In the next days (scheduled for July 8th) the FVFC will celebrate a meeting (trial) with the Top 3 athletes in every category, at the last National Championships, in order to select the competitors that will represent the country, at the next South American Championships (Buenos Aires; 7th – 11th September) and Central American and Caribbean Championships (México; 28th – 30th September).

Picture: Awards ceremony, in Wellness discipline, at the recent Beginners National Championships, in Venezuela.