Only a few months after the UFC was bought by IMG for $4-billion, the largest deal in sporting history, the new UFC head quarters opened in Las Vegas this week. At its core is the state-of-the-art UFC Performance Institute. The 30,000 square-foot, two-story facility is the most advanced sports training centre in the world and includes a state-of-the-art Strength & Conditioning gym with altitude training chamber, medical and physiotherapy centre, wet recovery pools and spa, nutrition and protein bar with fully catered health restaurant, full-size octagon, a boxing ring, large wrestling mat, grappling areas, punch bag training area, athlete sleep pods, a relax room and a state-of-the-art lecture theatre.

The UFC Performance Institute is free to use for all UFC fighters and has been designed to provide UFC fighters with the best support in all of sport.

UFC President, Dana White said, “we went around the world and looked at some of the best facilities and took little pieces of all of them to create what is now here for these athletes… nothing has ever been done like this in combat sports history and even in other sports I think this is the best facility in the world.”​

The Head of Operations, James Kimball said that the UFC had researched over 50 of the world’s best performance facilities from 8 countries to find the best-in-class in every area to create the worlds leading Performance Institute.

ESP Fitness supplied all of the Strength & Conditioning and Functional Training equipment for the Performance Gym.

“We are extremely proud to supply the UFC and have been working with the UFC over the past 12 months to custom design the strength and functional training equipment, specific for the needs of MMA fighters,” said Dr. Vern Neville President of ESP Fitness.

Neville mentioned that one of the key features of the ESP equipment is the integrated performance training monitoring technology that is built into the ESP Power Racks and ESP Lifting Platforms.

“ESP Fitness has the world’s most advanced technologies, including STRENGTHsense™ force plate power monitoring system, video cameras and Eliteform™ power and velocity tracking system, all built into the ESP equipment, providing detailed performance data in real-time, allowing the UFC athletes and coaches to make informed training decisions in the gym during their workout.”

This leading edge technology developed by ESP Fitness brings science into free weight training, and is changing the way athletes train.

“In Pro sport it is becoming less important about how much weight an athlete can lift and more about the specifics of power development, which we are now able to monitor in real time” said Neville.

The UFC Performance Institute is overseen by former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Forrest Griffin, together with a team of sports science, nutrition, medical and strength and conditioning experts. What differentiates this facility from any other training centre is the technology. Everything can be quantified objectively, from force plates, power meters and camera technology in the weight room to camera systems that display training power and velocity, power meters on all the CV and strength equipment, high-definition cameras and 3D tracking technology with video replay to review fighting training, power meters on punching bags, bone-density and body composition scanners to assist fighters with reaching their ideal fighting weight.

“Everything has been designed to give fighters the best advise and support,” said Griffin. “This is going to change the way that athletes prepare for the sport… to understand exactly what you need to do instead of going on a hope and a guess.”

The ESP Fitness equipment includes the very latest ESP TOTALPower Power Racks with all accessories, custom fitted ESP Lifting Platforms integrated with STRENGTHsense™ force plates and EliteForm™ camera system, custom built TotalFreedom Functional ceiling mounted frames, customised rope climbing and rings attachments, ESP Deadball throwing wall, ESP Power Sleds and Plate Sleds, ESP and Uesaka weights and bars, ESP Adjustable Benches, Dumbbell racks, Chalk Stands, TotalStorage custom accessory storage systems, TOGU balls, rollers and training accessories.