Bodybuilder Andrey Melnikov is one of those who can bring the past spring season to himself in the asset. He won the Cup of Russia in the category of up to 80 kg.

Andrei Melnikov: “In general, the season went well. In some tournaments, of course, I counted on higher places, but it turned out as it turned out. He was satisfied with the results, was just a little surprised that there was no prize money at the Cup of Russia. Naturally, the main start was the Cup of Russia. He was bet on it, and it worked! The goal of the season was achieved! Now I am a two-time winner of the Cup of Russia! Traditionally, before “Russia” was checking the form at the Don Cup in Rostov, where I have repeatedly become an absolute champion.

In general, the form is satisfied. Thanks to my sponsors this season I managed to add a little in the volumes and “quality”. There are errors in the posing, because of which it did not happen to take a place higher in the absolute of the Cup of Russia. In the future we will work on this.

Now I have a rest. Autumn season decided to skip and prepare for the spring of 2018. At the moment, I have a change. I moved to Moscow, now I will live, work and train here. Until autumn I plan to finally gain a foothold in the capital and start training. I would like to thank everyone who helped and supported me during the preparation. Thank you very much!”

Andrei Melnikov is a two-time winner of the Russian Cup (2016, 2017).