Bodybuilding for amateur athletes will be the key IFBB discipline at the next EVLS Prague Showdown (September, 29th – 30th), with up to 6 categories, in an event in which overall winners in Men’s Bodybuilding, Bikini Fitness and Men´s Physique could apply for a Pro Card.

The 2017 EVLS Prague Showdown, held in modern Exhibition Centre Prague Letnany, it´s open to athletes from all IFBB-affiliated National Federations and will be the “re-match” of prestigious Arnold Classic Europe (Barcelona, Spain; 22nd to 23rd). The categories opened for this event are:

  • Men´s Bodybuilding (Junior, Masters, -80 kg; -90 kg; -100 kg; +100 kg)
  • Classic Bodybuilding (-180 cm; +180 cm)
  • Men´s Physique (Junior; -176 cm; -179 cm; -182 cm; +182 cm)
  • Bikini Fitness (-160 cm; -163 cm; -166 cm; -169 cm; -172 cm; +172 cm)
  • Women´s Bodyfitness (Masters; -163 cm; -168 cm; +168 cm)
  • Women´s Fitness (-163 cm; +163 cm)
  • Women Physique (open)
  • Women Wellness Fitness (open)

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