Up to 3 Nordic athletes from Sweden and Denmark are leading the 2017 IFBB Bodyfitness Elite Ranking, after the 4 qualifying events celebrated in Medellin (Colombia), Santa Susanna (Spain) Ulaanbataar (Mongolia) and Marbella (Spain). Despite no one of them was able to reach more than one victory, it´s presence in 2 events, reaching the medals has been decisive to reach the “Top 3” of the Ranking:

1) Antonia Pesevski (Sweeden) 12 points
2) Jenny Soderström (Sweeden) 12 points
3) Laura Brorson (Denmark) 12 points

Bodybuilding has been the fourth IFBB discipline included in the 2017 Elite Ranking and will spread important cash prizes, for the Top 10 athletes, at the end of the season.

Until the moment, European athletes are leading the ranking but the next Elite qualifying event will be in America: the IFBB Ben Weider Caribbean Classic, held in Palm Beach (Aruba), next August 4th to 6th. Despite it´s another Gran Prix open to all IFBB-affiliated National Federations, American athletes will be favorites to raise up its scores in the ranking.

The complete Bodyfitness Elite Ranking, with 60 athletes ranked, can be checked in:


Picture: The Top 3 athletes in the Bodyfitness Elite Ranking: Antonia Pesevski, Jenny Soderstrom (Sweeden) and Laura Brorson (Denmark).