Joined on the podium by Hungary (Silver) and Turkey (Bronze); the young Slovak team, composed by 34 athletes between 7 to 15 years old, won the Best Team Award at the recent 2017 World Children Fitness Championships celebrated, last weekend 17th to 18th June, in Novi Sad (Serbi).

Slovak Federation, chaired by Mr. Boris Mlsna, presented the largest team in Novi Sad but, as well, the most successful with up to Gold Medals, with the following young winners:

▪ Girl´s Fitness -7 years: Nella Adamekova
▪ Girl´s Fitness -8 years: Katarina Kuzmova
▪ Girl´s Fitness -11 years: Paulina Bajerlova
▪ Girl´s Fitness -13 years: Nelli Novodomska
▪ Girl´s Fitness -14 years: Tatiana Ondruskova
▪ Boy´s Fitness -11 years: Michal Mullner

The 2017 World Fitness Championships introduced, as well, other new future Fitness stars born in Ukraine, Russia and Turkey:

Anastasiia Sarazhynskaya (Ukraine) Gold Medal Girl´s Fitness -9 years
Dariia Kornilenko (Ukraine) Gold Medal Girl´s Fitness -10 years
Anastasiia Guskova (Russia) Gold Medal Girl´s Fitness -12 years
Kemal Kondoz (Turkey) Gold Medal Boy´s Fitness -13 years
Kazmeir Ali Riza (Turkey) Gold Medal Boy´s Fitness -15 years

Picture: Slovak Federation won the Best Team Award, with a fantastic group of future Fitness stars.