With a great success of participation (new record of athletes in competition!), Serbian village of Novi Sad became, one year more, in the world Children Fitness capital, last weekend 17th to 18th June, organized by former pro bodybuilding champion Biserka Sipka, her husband Zoran and daughter Dra. Zorana Sipka.

The 2017 World Children Fitness Championships, supported by the Serbian Bodybuilding Federation, the City Council and the Autonomous Province Vojvodina Government was celebrated, one year more, at the great scene of the Serbian National Theater: a fantastic venue for the young athletes and their families.

Starting from competitor as your as with 7 years old, the event was fantastic in sport skills, bringing to young athletes the chance to learn about competition, in a really friendly atmosphere. A fantastic experience for all of them that lead us to wish watching its evolution in Fitness world. Congratulations!