Another great loss in the world of sport: Mr. Hector Cardona – president of Central American and Caribbean Sports Organization (CACSO)– passed away, Friday 16th, in San Juan (Puerto Rico) at age 81.

President Cardona was chairing CACSO since 2003 and he was in his 4th term as head of the oldest regional sport organization on the planet. His life was linked to the sport, since a very young age, practicing Baseball and Athletics. As well, he was deeply involved in Boxing as international referee, and, since 1972, as president of the Puerto Rico Boxing Federation and, later on, as Vice-president of the Boxing International Federation (AIBA). In the late 70´s and ´80´s Mr. Cardona was General Secretary of the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee and became president from 1991 to 2008.

As CACSO president, he had a great success, leaving the organization solid in its finances and really active, with a few innovative projects.

IFBB convey its condolences to his family and Central American and Caribbean sport, and joins then in their sorrow.