Prestigious supplements company “Yamamoto Nutrition”, based in Brescia (Italy); just became in new IFBB sponsor after the agreement signed by two parts, at the recent “Rimini Wellness Expo” celebrated, last weekend -1st to 4th June-, in Italy.

This leader brand that has grew considerably, in the last two years, because the quality of their products and their clear support to Fitness and Bodybuilding way of life; reach a new step in its evolution, becoming partner of the IFBB, in a solid agreement of collaboration, for the next 3 years.

Yamamoto Nutrition has deserved a great prestige, as sport nutrition company, after their innovative supplements and its strong decision to be involved in competitive elite sport. Beside its solid relationship with the Italian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, the company already became as main sponsor partner of the prestigious “Giro d´Italia 2017”: one of the most important biking tournaments, in the world.

Most welcome to IFBB World!

Picture: Mr. Marco Achille Gandolfi -Yamamoto spokesperson and IFBB Pro Athlete- with IFBB President, Dr. Rafael Santonja; signing the partnership agreement, in Italy.