The “2017 Elite World Ranking” that will spread up to 150.000 €, in cash prizes at the end of the season, became in the hottest novelty for Men´s Physique, Classic Bodybuilding and Bikini Fitness competitors.

With two Continental Championships already celebrated (Europe and Asia), in this moment there is a wide draw, in the top; with all the winners reaching the same score (9 points). Because of this, the Olympia Amateur Spain held in Marbella, next weekend 9th to 11th June, will be decisive to breaks several ties and offers the first athletes with 2 events, leading the Ranking.

As we informed previously, the 2017 IFBB Elite World Ranking was initially composed by 6 Top International events (Marbella, Madrid, Kuwait, Lahti, Toronto and Liverpool) beside the Continental Championships and the World Championships, so each athlete could take points in up to 8 events, this season. Nevertheless, IFBB just considered to increase the number of qualifying events, in order to brings the Ranking to a wide number of athletes, worldwide. In the next days, the new Elite Ranking qualifying events will be displayed!

As previously reported, the Top 10 athletes in the Ranking, at the end of the season, will be awarded with the cash prizes.