Fantastic battle in the Bikini Fitness Super Final, at the IFBB Diamond Cup Portugal, with the 6 winners fighting for the overall victory and the Pro Card, as main prize for the champion.

With Portugal bringing the great surprise, with 3 gold medals thanks to new Bikini stars (Liliana Fernandes, Ana Fragoso and Paula Barbosa) and Czech Republic confirming its high level in the discipline, with 2 gold medals (Marina Mocanu and Eva Havelkova); the overall victory went to Lithuania, thanks to fantastic and complete Kristina Narbutaityte who won the Middle-Tall class (up to 169 cm) and the Super Final.

In a close battle against the main favorite, Eva Havelkova (winner in Super Tall class) who took the overall, 7 days ago, in Czech Republic, in Diamond Cup Ostrava; the international judge´s panel gave the title to the Lithuanian athlete just for 1 point of difference (6 to 7 points). The small difference evidences how complicate is to be at the top nowadays, in the elite level. In any case, both athletes will bring us new amazing challenges, joined by other top champions, during this 2017 IFBB season.