Chaired by Mrs. Christina Vedernikova, the Latvian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (LBFBF) became very active, in the last years, supporting the sport in the Baltic country and discovering new international champions, every season, specially in women´s categories.

With barely 2 MM people in the country; Fitness and Bodybuilding are really popular sports but Women´s categories (specially Bikini and Bodyfitness) grows every year in number of licenses, beside Men´s Physique. Joined by the Vice-president Vladimir Belov, Mrs. Vedernikova – a former international Bodyfitness athlete- likes to support every woman to be involved in our sports and every year discover new talents at the “Riga Pearl Championships”, organized directly from her side.

Awarded at the recent EBFF European Championships with the IFBB Silver Medal, Christina Vedernikova has played a very positive role in her country, approaching the “Fitness Lifestyle” to the Latvian society, since became president of the LBFBF, in 2008.

Picture: Mrs. Christina Vedernikova and Mr. Vladimir Belov, joining President Santonja with two female Latvian athletes, at the recent IFBB Diamond Cup Malta.