The IFBB Diamond Cup Circuit will have up to 8 Grand Prix, this 2017 season, and Espinho (Portugal) is the next meeting (2nd to 4th June), with 5 Pro Cards reserved to the overall winners in Bodybuilding, Classic Bodybuilding, Bikini, Bodyfitness and Men´s Physique.

Last weekend (26th to 28th May) we discovered up to 31 new continental champions, in Ostrava (Czech Rep.); and the “re-match” is ready to be played, in a couple of days, in the beautiful village of Espinho -in front of Atlantic Ocean-, with the 5th Grand Prix of the “Diamond Circuit”, after Santo Domingo, Malta, Fujairah and Ostrava.

The 1st. Diamond Cup Portugal, organized by IFBB and Portuguese Bodybuilding Federation (PFBB), will be an amazing challenge open to all IFBB-affiliated National Federations from Europe and North African countries, as well as from Brazil. The event will offers up to 42 different categories, as follows:
Bodybuilding (9 categories)
Classic Bodybuilding (4 categories)
Men´s Physique (11 categories)
Women´s Physique (2 Categories)
Bodyfitness (6 categories)
Bikini (9 categories)
Wellness (Open)

Important remind: According IFBB rules, any category must have 5 or more competitors; otherwise two or more categories could be joined, to reach the minimum number of participants.