Fantastic competition organized by Mr. Stanislav Pesat & Mr. Jan Kubik, with the support of the Czech Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation; last weekend 26th to 28th May, in the third largest Czech city.

A huge number of competitors from IFBB-affiliated National Federations, meet, in this 1st. IFBB Diamond Cup Ostrava that held up to 31 official categories and offered up to 5 Pro Cards for the overall winners in Bodybuilding, Classic Bodybuilding, Men´s Physique, Bikini Fitness and Bodyfitness.

Official results can be checked at and the winners in their respective categories were, as follows:
▪ Bikini (Junior): Ina Navachuk (Belarus)
▪ Bikini (Master): Andrea Lackner (Austria)
▪ Bikini (-158 cm): Marina Mocanu (Czech Rep.)
▪ Bikini (-162 cm): Karina Gavrikova (Hungary)
▪ Bikini (-166 cm): Andrea Neumannova (Slovakia)
▪ Bikini (-169 cm): Kristina Narbutaityte (Lithuania)
▪ Bikini (-172 cm): Diana Stankejeva (Lithuania)
▪ Bikini (+172 cm): Eva Havelkova (Czech Rep.)

▪ Men´s Physique (Junior): Daniel Mularczyk (Poland)
▪ Men´s Physique (Master): Robert Fruzsa (Hungary)
▪ Men´s Physique (-176 cm): Aleksandr Ulanov (Russia)
▪ Men´s Physique (-179 cm): Christoph Friedl (Austria)
▪ Men´s Physique (-182 cm): Miroslav Juricek (Czech Rep.)
▪ Men´s Physique (+182 cm): Michal Aumiler (Poland)
▪ Muscular Men Physique: Mateusz Bobrowski (Poland)

▪ Classic Bodybuilding (Junior): Daniel Taborsky (Czech Rep.)
▪ Classic Bodybuilding (-175): Arnold Gergely (Hungary)
▪ Classic Bodybuilding (-180): Michal Zadlo (Poland)
▪ Classic Bodybuilding (+180): Jack Ratusznik (Poland)

▪ Bodybuilding (Junior-18): Patrik Dzurilla (Slovakia)
▪ Bodybuilding (Junior-23): Vladimir Castka (Czech Rep.)
▪ Bodybuilding (Master): Rafal Tasiemski (Poland)
▪ Bodybuilding (Mixed Pairs): Veronica Olejarova & T. Bronersky (Czech Rep.)
▪ Bodybuilding (-80 kg): Artur Szudrowicz (Poland)
▪ Bodybuilding (-90 kg): Piotr Borecki (Poland)
▪ Bodybuilding (-100 kg): Roman Vavrecan (Slovakia)
▪ Bodybuilding (+100 kg): Blessing Awodibu (Ireland)

▪ Fitness: Irene Gutiérrez (Spain)

▪ Bodyfitness (Master): Patricia Barbero (Spain)
▪ Bodyfitness: Melinda Mercz (Hungary)

▪ Women´s Physique: Olha Zhelamska (Czech Rep.)