In the modern village of Espinho, near to Porto; and blessed with a fantastic climate, in front of Atlantic Ocean. The summer season is almost here and the 1st. Diamond Cup Portugal is the next great international event, organized by IFBB and Portuguese Bodybuilding Federation (PFBB), next 2nd. to 4th June.

The 1st. IFBB Diamond Cup Portugal is open to all IFBB-affiliated National Federations from Europe, North Africa and Brazil. The competition and registration will take place at modern “Nave Polivalente” Sport Pavilion; with capacity to over 6.000 people.
The event will offers the next official disciplines:
Bodybuilding (5 weight categories)
▪ Junior Bodybuilding (Open)
▪ Master Bodybuilding (3 age categories)
Classic Bodybuilding (3 height categories)
▪ Master Classic Bodybuilding (Open)
Men´s Physique (6 height categories)
▪ Junior Men´s Physique (2 height categories)
▪ Master Men´s Physique (2 age categories)
▪ Muscular Men´s Physique (Open)
▪ Women´s Physique (Open)
▪ Master Women´s Physique (Open)
Bodyfitness (3 height categories)
▪ Junior Bodyfitness (Open)
▪ Master Bodyfitness (2 age categories)
Bikini (6 height categories)
▪ Junior Bikini (Open)
▪ Master Bikini (2 age categories)
▪ Wellness (Open)

The 1st. IFBB Diamond Cup Portugal will offers up to 5 Pro Cards, reserved the overall winners in Bodybuilding, Classic Bodybuilding, Bikini, Bodyfitness and Men´s Physique.