The Kosovo´s Federation of Bodybuilding (KBBF) wrote with gold capital letters its name, in the recent EBFF European Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships held in SantaSusanna, thanks to fantastic athlete Gentiana “Getta” Beqa who won the Wellnes Category.

First time ever celebrated in Europe, the new IFBB Division collected up to 17 female athletes, in a fantastic open category, where Kosovan competitor got the best scores (7 points), defeating all the contenders; in a group where Lithuanian Skirmante Puzinaite (Silver Medal) and Russian Anastasiya Bolshakova (Bronze Medals) joined her, in the podium.

Since its recognition from IFBB and EBFF, Kosovan Federation has been playing a very active role in the country, leaded by its president, Mr. Esat Lata; and General Secretary, Mr. Sabri Dragusha. Now, with this historic Gold Medal, Fitness and Bodybuilding will become even more popular in the country. Congratulations, Kosovo..! Congratulations, “Getta”!