Mr. Anton Siekel, president of the Slovak Olympic Committee (SOC); attended the 2017 European Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships that are been held in Santa Susanna (Spain). Joined by his wife, Mr. Siekel followed the second session of the event, celebrated Friday, 5th May; attending competition in Men´s Bodybuilding, Women´s Wellness and Women´s Fitness.

The SOC president was invited to participate in the Awards Ceremony, at the Super Finals, in Bodybuilding and Wellness, presenting the main trophy to the overall winner, joined by IFBB President, Dr. Rafael Santonja.

At the end of the session, Mr. Siekel and wife attended a private dinner with Executives from IFBB, Slovak Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation and Santa Susanna´s Municipality, where they were awarded, in recognition to its presence and support to the Championships.

Picture: Mr. Anton Siekel and wife, awarded in recognition to its presence at the European Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships.