The next coming EBFF Championships (European Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation) in Santa Susanna will incorporate the services of Dr. Alfonso Moran, who will lead medical services including emergency units at the medical staff, with usual multiple tasks of these services, coordination with hospitals, ambulance units as a service to the athletes, officials and companions attending the event.

Dr. Alfonso Moran is a very prestigious profesional, leading the intensive care and emergency assistance services in IFBB Spain. EBFF is proud to have Dr. Moran and his qualified staff incorporated to the Medical Commission, together with Dr. Francisco Abril.

2017 European Championships and 16th EBFF Annual Congress will be held in Santa Susanna, Barcelona, between April 3 and 8. Competition is open to all EBFF national federations. Click here for more information about the event.

In the picture, from left to right: Dr. Francisco Abril, Secretary of IFBB Medical Commission, President Rafael Santonja, his wife, Nieves Santonja, and Dr. Alfonso Moran.