Today, XBAR Fitness, a company that just three years ago tripled its funding goal on Kickstarter, is returning to the same crowdfunding community that so avidly supported it the first time around. Now XBAR Fitness is launching its latest fitness innovation: XBAR | FLYT, the most travel-friendly, portable, versatile personal fitness system, soon to be on the market.

XBAR Fitness was founded by snowboard legend and serial entrepreneur, Damian Sanders. Three years ago, Sanders developed the original XBAR out of the need to incorporate a fitness routine into his busy and demanding lifestyle. With nearly 10,000 XBARs sold and not a single return to date, Sanders once again returned to the drawing board, incorporating many of the requests XBAR fans wanted to see in a new fitness product. Travel-friendly, functional and collapsible, the XBAR | FLYT allows fitness enthusiasts of all levels to workout virtually anywhere at any time.

“The support for XBAR in 2014 was phenomenal,” said Sanders. “What better way to launch our next product than to return to the crowdfunding community that so enthusiastically supported us the first time around? We have listened to what our customers want and are so proud to reveal the XBAR | FLYT. With the Kickstarter community’s support, we will once again crush our goal and bring this product to market for the holidays this December for our early backers.”

Perfect for people who want to make fitness convenient within their lifestyle, the XBAR | FLYT is lightweight and features a quick-lock center link, enabling it to collapse and fit into just about any suitcase, backpack or carry-on. Unique to the XBAR | FLYT is the revolutionary Hex-connect system, allowing users to flow seamlessly from a standing exercise to groundwork. The Hex-connect system eliminates the need for push-up docks, allowing you to sweat more, build muscle quicker and keep your heart rate elevated throughout your workout.

Sanders continued, “Bottom line, what makes the XBAR different from any other fitness tool out there is that it’s truly versatile and downright tough. We took a tried and tested workout tool, the curl bar, and re-designed it to do so much more. We’ve eliminated excuses. There are literally hundreds of workouts you can do with the XBAR | FLYT. Get your workout in any time, any where. It’s your move.”

Through the Kickstarter campaign, XBAR Fitness seeks to raise funds to begin production for a late 2017 market launch. Early supporters are promised product for the holidays this December.