Men’s Health, a Rodale Inc. brand, today announced the release of MetaShred Extreme. Created by Men’s Health Fitness Director BJ Gaddour, the all-new transformation workout program is designed to incinerate belly fat, maximize muscle grown, ignite metabolism, and chisel the chest, shoulders, abs and quads. A follow up to the successful MetaShred program, MetaShred Extreme is available now on DVD and streaming.

In 2016, Gaddour released the revolutionary MetaShred program and is building on that success with MetaShred Extreme—the most challenging workout system he has ever developed and the most effective metabolic training system in Men’s Health history. The complete MetaShred Extreme transformation program is devised to shred body fat at a blistering pace and is scientifically designed to maximize muscle growth. With cutting-edge techniques like drop sets, complexes, and blood-flow restriction training, Gaddour unlocks a new level of total-body conditioning.

MetaShred Extreme is the most muscular program I have ever created,” says MetaShred Extreme creator and Men’s Health Fitness Director BJ Gaddour. “We took the best parts of metabolic training and fused it with bodybuilding to maximize the shred and the gains.”

With MetaShred Extreme, Gaddour guides users through eight different split routines every 14 days. Included in the program are eight intense muscle building, fat-burning metabolic workouts, eight insane 5-minute finishers and three cutting-edge recovery routines. Plus, Gaddour and Men’s Health have included five innovative training tools in the MetaShred Extreme package: Fat Dumbbell Grips, Minibands, Big Bands, Mobility Peanut Lacrosse Balls, and Blood-Flow Restriction Wraps.

Users can experience even faster results with The MetaShred Diet, Men’s Health‘s first-ever rapid weight loss nutrition plan. Created by Men’s Health Nutrition Advisor Michael Roussell, Ph.D., The MetaShred Diet is an easy-to-use plan that is 100% scientifically designed to help burn fat at the fastest possible rate for your body.

Experience the world’s most innovative training techniques—all you need is dumbbells, a sturdy step or bench, and the cutting-edge MetaShred Extreme training package. Available in two paths to total body transformation—Standard MetaShred Extreme ($99.99) or Ultimate MetaShred Extreme ($120), which includes The MetaShred Diet—after MetaShred Extreme nothing else will compare. Streaming is included with both MetaShred Extreme packages for 24/7 access to workouts on TV, tablet, computer and mobile devices.