On this occasion, President of the Serbian National Federation, Mr. Goran Ivanovic, and former President of the Balkan Federation, Mr. Nenad Vuckovic have recently been received by the Mayor of Čačak, Mr. Milun Todorovic, who promised that the organization of this year's Balkan Championships will get maximum support from the city of Čačak, and that he will do everything that all participants of this championship bring with them the best memories from this beautiful city of sport.

Due to the excessive number of categories and new disciplines this year Balkan Championship are divided into two parts. So, the first part of the 26 th Balkan Championships, which consists of the following disciplines: Junior, Senior and Masters Bodybuilding, Junior and Masters Bikini Fitness, Junior Men’s Physique, Women’s Senior and Masters Body-Fitness, Junior Men’s and Women’s Fitness, Women’s Physique, Men’s Muscular Physique and Games Classic Bodybuilding (22 categories in total), will be held in Bar, Montenegro, from 28 th – 30 th of April.

In the picture: President of the Serbian National Federation, Goran Ivanovic, Mayor of Čačak, Milun Todorović and Nenad Vučković, President of the Balkan Federation.